Sunday, February 15, 2009

Coupon Organizing

Ok so I am at odds on how to keep my coupon organized. Up to know I have kept the RP,SS and PG intaked in a binder based on the date received. This works really great only problem is when you go to the store there may be many good deals that are not listed in the ad for your store. SO do you keep a mental picture of the item go home and cut the coupon and make another trip to the store or do you clip all of the coupons and organize and take the binder with you?

Then my big question is how to organize so when you are in the store it does not take 3 or more hours. I really like to save a lot of money but I really like to spend my Sundays doing other things. So which way do I go.

What I may try is going forward clipping the coupons and putting them in my new binder. I will still have to cut other. I have packets of coupon going back to October 08 So in the mist of changing I am cutting the older coupon and will forward to a Military Base. Which if you have read my profile my son is in the Marine's. There is a Marine Base in Japan. I am going to contact the person listed to make sure they can still use and get any other specifics from them. If is all is still good for them I will post that information or feel free to forward the coupons to me and I will make sure they are sent.

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